Shoot Your Way to Stardom!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. And a professionally shot photo that’s been cleverly crafted, keeping every little nuance in mind, is worth all the dictionaries put together. Create wordless magic a Professional Portfolio with Costume Changes by VJ Photography, Makeup, Styling.

Kids Photo

Let your child's heart winning smile... those cute looks be captured for eternity!

Kids grow up so fast and we tend to miss the little things they do and the changes they make in our everyday life. We need to capture those moments, those magical memories so we can look back upon them and realize just how important.

Couple Photo

Celebrate life, celebrate love.

Give yourself and your partner the gift of a Candid couple photo or a film shoot. Gift her a photo book. After a while flipping through the pages will give you a smile. Freeze the moment which you can keep in your memories. .

Events Photo

You've worked hard to organize your event. Why put all your energy into holding an event, and not capture it properly in photos?

Capture the moment. Now the memories of any occasion can be remembered forever - in a snap!

Wedding Photo

If Marriages are made in Heaven then shouldn't the photographs look heavenly?

You will find as you look back upon your life, that the moments when you really lived are the moments when you have done things in the spirit of love.


Showcase your talent!

Do you have a talent in singing, dancing, acting, playing music, make people laugh or any other? Why dont you showcase it?


VJ has pursued photography as his hobby for quite some time. His work is conscientious, he pays attention to detail and is able and willing to put in the effort needed to get the perfect still. He is also a pleasant and polite person to work with. He photographed my wedding and captured moments which were left out by the official candid photographer. Good job buddy and all the best :) -- Prabhu Dhanraj


Gazing at this picture of Adit, I ponder that it's true "through the eyes of a child, you will see the world as it ought to be!" Thanks VJ for capturing candid shots of my child which captivates the fact that...yes, the world is still innocent! -- Sunitha

VJ is a passionate photographer who takes pride in every detail of a shot. He is extremely creative, photo-technically savvy and wears them both with a lot of humility. With his clicks, he has adorned our walls with interesting moments of our children. I wish him luck & success. -- Jude Amalore


For some of us, photography may just be a short-lived hobby, driven out of novelty towards our shiny new DSLR, but for VJ I think it is one of the things he was born to do.. I admire the way in which he captures some of the simplest and most unsophisticated subjects in the most beautiful way possible.. I wish him all the very best and I look forward to seeing more of our beautiful world through his lenses.. -- Arun B

VJ has a gift for capturing beauty in every shots. His captures are always unbeatable and looks as if they will speak. He has a great talent and his creativity is shown in all his shoots. VJ is a very passionate photographer and his clicks are always unique. -- Archana Kumari

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